SIRAS/ IEP Development

The Ventura County SELPA Individualized Educataion Program (IEP) software program was custom-designed by SIRAS Systems to meet the needs of professionals who develop IEPs for students with disabilities within Ventura County SELPA.  An IEP developed using SIRAS and its unique features is legally compliant, reader- friendly and reflects the commitment of the IEP Team to services and goals for the student.

The Ventura County SELPA SIRAS IEP Program is available only to staff,  contractors, and non-public schools and agencies who serve students from the Ventura County SELPA. If you are an employee, speak to your administrator about creating an account to access your student caseload.

The SIRAS IEP software is an intuitive program, and will assist the user in addressing the legally required elements of the IEP, depending on the type of meeting and needs of the student.


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