Preschool Brochures and Resources
ASQ Flowchart 
DRDP (2015)
Replaces the DRDP access for early intervention and preschool special education.
DRDP Timeline
Preschool Language Acquisition Tool (PLAT) 2019 (formerly Preschool English Language Survey (PELS))
Preschool Learning Foundations
Preschool Referral Contacts
Reassessment Prior to Transition to Kindergarten
Parent Memo English/Spanish
Ventura County Office of Education Preschool Referral Handbook
VC SELPA Preschool Curriculum is free to staff within Ventura County SELPA, contact
the Ventura County SELPA.
VC SELPA Preschool to Kindergarten Transition Assessment is free to staff within Ventura County SELPA,
all others please contact the Ventura County SELPA for additional information.
What is Apraxia of Speech?