Assessments for Students

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California CareerZone                                           
CA CareerZone: Interest Profiler 
CA CareerZone: Work Importance Profiler 
California DMV- Sample driving test  
California Resource Network for Young Worker's Health and Safety- Information on workplace rights and responsibilities, work hours and job restrictions, hazards on the job, way to prevent job injuries and more.  
Cal Jobs- Job search online  
Career One-Stop/Career Assessment 
Career One-Stop Toolkit 
Career Perfect/ Quick Work Preference Inventory 
Career Test 
Exploring Career Information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics- Another website from the United States Department of Labor allows students to explore careers based on their interests in areas such as music, the arts, science, P.E., the outdoors, social studies, reading and math.  

Motivational Appraisal of Personality Potential (must login) - Take the quiz and get your results. The free report will give you insight for seeking your future career.  

My Next Move 
O*NET Interest Profiler
Personality Type - Answer simple questions to determine your Briggs Myers Personality Type then look at the careers that  match your type.  
SCANS - Pre-Employment Checklists       Form N     Form S 
SCANS- Self Assessment- Form N (m/m)  Form S (m/s)                                             
Student Input Sheet for the IEP  
Transition Portfolio Guide 
Transition Resources for Diploma Bound Students with Autism
What Are My Multiple Intelligences?  
What Do You Like?  
What is Your Learning Style?, Marcia Conner, Ageless Learning