Adult Agencies Contact List- For Transition IEPs   
Adult Services Directory    
Adventures in Education   
Affordable Colleges Online: College Affordability     
Apprenticeship Training Resources    
"Big Future" by the College Board    
California Adult Education Provider Directory    
California Career Resource Network (CalCRN)  California Department of Education Career Development. Click on "Lessons" for common core college and career readiness lesson plans and materials grades 5-12 (also in Spanish).   
California CareerZone  Request an educator account to monitor all of your students’ activity in the program.  To request an educator account, contact dave@headed2.com    
California DMV- Sample driving test    
California Department of Education    
California Resource Network for Young Worker's Health and Safety- Information on workplace rights and responsibilities, work hours and job restrictions, hazards on the job, way to prevent job injuries and more.    
California State University (CSU) Mentor - On-line resource for education at California State Universities   
California Vocational Schools and Adult Education    
Career One-Stop Toolkit   
Career One-Stop Video Link  
College Prep 101   
Consumer Jungle- Promoting Consumer Literacy with Young Adults    
Department-Store-Applications.com - The site provides employment resources, online applications, and job listings for many of the top department store retailers across the United States.    
Disability.gov- Your central gateway to the federal government's disability related information and resources.  This easy-to-use Web portal is a directory of government Web links relevant to people with disabilities, their families, employers, service providers and other community members.               
ELaws - Child Labor Laws- Changes to youth employment rules went into effect 2/14/2005.  This Department of Labor website offers updated comprehensive information on wages, hours, and jobs.  This is an excellent source of information written in plain language.    
Employment Development Department- A step-by-step guide to finding a good job in a career that's right for you.  Students can plan for a career, create a resume, search for jobs online, etc.    
Exploring Career Information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics- Another website from the United States Department of Labor allows students to explore careers based on their interests in areas such as music, the arts, science, P.E., the outdoors, social studies, reading and math.    
Exit Summary Page 1   
Exit Summary Page 2   
Exit Summary Page 3 (Adult Agency Contact List)   
Financial Aid for College    
First Gov for Kids                 
Going to College...or Thinking About It?     
Guideposts for Success-   English     Spanish   
I Want to Work...I know I can -  English   Spanish   
Job Accommodation Network (JAN) - The Job Accommodation Network is a service of the Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) of the U.S. Department of Labor.  JAN is one of several ODEP projects.  JAN's mission is to facilitate the employment  and retention of workers with disabilities by providing employers, employment providers, people with disabilities, their family members and  other interested parties with information on job accommodations, self-employment and small business opportunities and related subjects.  JAN's efforts are in support of the employment, including self-employment and small business ownership, of people with disabilities.  JAN represents the most comprehensive resource for job accommodations available.    
Moorpark College Career Services   
National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators   
National Center for Education Statistics: Find the right college for you   
National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability- NCWD/Youth is your source for information about employment and youth with disabilities.     
National Youth Employment Coalition- A resource that links to everything from employment and training, education and financial aid, career exploration and more.    
Notification of Age of Majority (Parent) - English  Spanish    
Notification of Age of Majority (Student) - English  Spanish   
Occupational Outlook Handbook- A nationally recognized source of career information compiled by the United States Department of Labor.    
Parent's Guide to transition Planning Brochure - English  Spanish    
SCANS Competencies   
SCANS - Self Assessment-  Form N (m/m)   Form S (m/s)   
Sexual Harassment Prevention Training  
Student Input for the Transition Portion of the IEP Worksheet   
Students with Disabilities - Work-Based Learning                   
*Think College - for people with Intellectual Disabilities   
Training and Education for Adults with Moderate/Severe Disabilities Program "TEAMS" Resource Guide 2013   
Transition Agency Padlet-English
Transition Agency Padlet-Spanish
Transition Checklist for Teachers   
Transition Planning- The Basics  Fall 2017   
Transition Portfolio Guide   
Transition Process Flowchart   
Transition Counseling Worksheet (Annotated)   
Transition Counseling Worksheet (Not Annotated)   
Transition Resources for Diploma Bound Students with Autism    
A Transition Guide - US Department of Education   
Transition Fairs for  20-21  Save the Date  November 12, 2020:  English   Spanish   
Path to Summer Youth Employment- a new online resource that offers California’s youth the latest tips, tools and resources that will help guide them toward a summer job.    
Ventura County Workforce Resource Guide  
Work-Based Learning for Special Education Students   
World-of-Work Map   
Youth Rules!- What are your rights as a teenager in finding a job and keeping it?  Here's where you find out!