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California Career Resource Network (CalCRN)  California Department of Education Career Development. Click on "Lessons" for common core college and career readiness lesson plans and materials grades 5-12 (also in Spanish).


California CareerZone  Request an educator account to monitor all of your students’ activity in the program.  To request an educator account, contact dave@headed2.com 

California Resource Network for Young Worker's Health and Safety- Information on workplace rights and responsibilities, work hours and job restrictions, hazards on the job, way to prevent job injuries and more.  
Cal Jobs- Job search online  

Career One-Stop Video Link

 Career Perfect/ Quick Work Preference Inventory

Career Ship
Career Test 
Department-Store-Applications.com - The site provides employment resources, online applications, and job listings for many of the top department store retailers across the United States.  
Family Interview Worksheet 
*Life Skills 
Motivational Appraisal of Personality Potential  (must login) - Take the quiz and get your results.  The free report will give you insight for seeking your future career.
My Next Move 
National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability- NCWD/Youth is your source for information about employment and youth with disabilities.    
O*NET Interest Profiler
Personality Type  - Answer simple questions to determine your Briggs Myers Personality Type then look at the careers that  match your type.  

SCANS Competencies

SCANS - Pre-Employment Checklists       Form N     Form S 

SCANS- Self Assessment     Form N(m/m)     Form S(m/s)

Situational Assessment 
Student Input for the Transition Portion of the IEP Worksheet 
Take Charge       Activity Checklist A         Activity Checklist B 

Training and Education for Adults with Moderate/Severe Disabilities Program "TEAMS" Resource Guide 2013

Transition Counseling Worksheet (Annotated)

Transition Counseling Worksheet (Not Annotated)

Transition Resources for Diploma Bound Students with Autism 

Transition Skills Checklist 
What Are My Multiple Intelligences? 
Worker Qualities 
Youth Rules!- What are your rights as a teenager in finding a job and keeping it?  Here's where you find out!