PSW Manual

The VC SELPA PSW Manual serves as guidance and information for school teams to help determine if a student is eligible for special education as a students with a specific learning disability. The information in the manual should be used in conjunction with all other special education assessment processes and data gathering to help IEP teams in determining needs and strengths of students. The manual should not be used in isolation or without consideration of individual student profiles. Professional judgement must always be used by all IEP team members when determining student needs and special education eligibility considerations. 

Ventura County SELPA PSW Model Procedural Manual (rev. 9/2018) 

The latest version of the PSW manual was updated in September of 2018. Below is a summary of the key changes:

  • Dr. Dehn added a fourteenth processing area, orthographic processing; therefore, all documents and narratives related to Dehn’s Processing Strengths and Weaknesses model now reflect that change.

  • The authors of Cross-Battery Assessment (Dual Discrepancy /Consistency method) made changes to some of the optional processing areas; therefore, all documents related to this model are reflective of these updates.

  • The PSW report templates were removed from the manual and are now available only on

  • The Feifer Assessment of Reading (FAR) and the Feifer Assessment of Math (FAM) were added to the Academic Assessment Tools document found on pages 65-68.